Power Quality and Energy Monitoring

We believe you should be able to understand what is happening in your facility energy wise at all times.

We carry out a range of Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Surveys to suit your specific requirements.

The standard types of surveys requested are

  • Power Quality & Harmonics Surveys
  • Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public networks) and
  • Load Profile/Energy Surveys.

Our detailed findings, their interpretation and practical solutions are included in all our reports. A typical survey is carried out over a one-week period depending on the demand profile. Reports are available 2 working days after removal of power monitoring systems and equipment.

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Load Profile Survey

Load Profile Surveys are typically used for evaluating transformer loads and connected load power factor. All Load Profile Studies include measurements for a typical load cycle:

  • The site load [kW]
  • Apparent power/MIC [kVA]
  • Power factor
  • Maximum/minimum and average values of Voltage
  • Current

Load Profile Surveys can be used to evaluate the available capacity of existing transformers, available current carrying capacity of existing cables or suitability/performance of power factor correction equipment.

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Smart Metering 

smart metering 2 smart metering