Electrical Drawings

What does an electrical drawing consist of?


An accurate electrical drawing will commonly consist of several different things.  It will show:-

  • The incoming lines including their voltage, size, capacity, and rating.electricdrawing
  • Power transformers; listing their rating, winding connection and grounding means.
  • Incoming main switches and main and tie breakers.
  • All of the main cable and wire runs with their associated isolating switches.
  • Feeder breakers and fused switches
  • Critical equipment; such as, batteries, generators, air conditioning and their voltage and size

Electrical drawings are required for documenting, troubleshooting, and communicating information about your facilities power systems. They can help to ensure your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly safely.

Whether you need modifications to your AS Built electrical drawings or hundreds of data points, DB and CB numbers added, wiring schematics updated we can assist.

Simply send us the CAD files along with your electrical mark ups and we’ll give you a quote.