About us

Climate protection, energy efficiency and the responsible use of resources are engraved in the life thesis of any successful company. For customers of the future, buying will not simply be based on the performance of the product but also what goes on behind the scenes. How much energy is required during the production process and what kinds of emissions are created during the production process.

Endustrial Support Ltd, headquartered in Kenya is a brand that utilizes three principles to enable clients to achieve a lower total cost of ownership before production.





At Endustrial Support, we believe that accurate measurement and verification is necessary for observation. To this end, we employ state of the art equipment in order to accurately map out your facilities energy use.




We believe that there is no innovation without research. As consultants, it is our duty to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest technological innovation. We therefore heavily invest in making research material readily accessible to our staff at all times.





Finally, at Endustrial Support, we believe that once the first two steps are undertaken and just before implementation, it is our duty to ask one more question in order to provide a holistic solution. How can we make it more affordable, how can we increase the efficiency and how can we even further lower the carbon footprint of your facility.



  • Exceptional Devotion to the task at hand.
  • Radical Dedication to meet the client's needs.
  • Clear Direction.


Endustrial Support Ltd : Asking one more question.